Real couples. Real stories.

“I never knew a weekend could change my marriage as much as this program has. I highly recommend all couples who don’t want to settle for good but want a great marriage to sign up and attend.” – John & Julie













After 10 years of marriage, we thought things were going pretty well. This weekend took us to a new level of intimacy with God and each other. Dialogue is a tool we will use to continue to grow from this weekend forward.

I learned how to not only identify my feelings but also express them in a way to work as a united team with my husband so we can not understand by but also feel each other’s feelings. So grateful for this weekend and what I’ve learned to grow together as a united marriage under God.

My husband and I had a good marriage- I believed. We did most things together, but we didn’t talk about things or our feelings. I didn’t understand why he was feeling the way he was. I just wanted him to see things my way. Through this weekend, I have learned that we need to dialogue every day, not just surface-talk. Thank you so much to the person who invited and paid our way. Thank you to all the people who made this weekend possible for us.

We came into this without any idea of what to expectWe were blown away by the tools given and how effective they are to transforming our communication.

We were at a point of complacency and really in a rut. The couples and their stories were relatable and powerful. The tools were practical and effective.

We are so excited to utilize everything and grow in our love, relationship, and relationship with Christ.

Thank you!! It was a joy and a gift. We feel hopeful and excited!

“We have been on a previous Weekend. We love the new format!”

“Each step made me feel more confident and secure in my marriage!”

“I am excited to return home and practice the skills I learned with my wife!”

It was very nice to hear relatable stories.

I appreciated the role play examples.

All were honest and transparent.

The team couples were amazing and insightful.

It was everything and then some more.

Thanks so much. This was a great weekend. Met a lot of nice people.

This weekend helped us realize to set aside time for each other and talk and dialogue and pray.

Transformative Weekend!

Feeling overjoyed at all the efforts. Everyone did so much caring and love. It is appreciated so very much!

Exactly what we needed and prayed for. More than we expected!

Pop that zit and let the healing begin!

Thursday before our weekend began, I believed our marriage didn’t have much of a chance of surviving. It’s Sunday evening now and we have more hope and determination. With the tools we learned, God, and our new friends, our marriage will last our lifetime.

We really appreciate their vulnerability and their willingness to share.

We new have the tools to communicate without garbage dumping.

We did not know what to expect but this was exactly what we needed and was better than expected.

They were so encouraging and shared so many personal stories that touched our hearts.

Amazing insight!

I really thank you for the instruction on how to do this.

My wife and I are/were in a rough spot and this weekend allowed me to have the tools to be able to communicated, something through the years of the marriage, I haven’t ever been able to do.

We do a lot of communicating already. It was a great affirmation of what we do.

Looking forward to a fresh start. So thankful for this time to focus on our relationship.

This weekend was exactly what we needed. I am hopeful in our marriage and feel stronger about my husband than I have in years.

It’s more than I ever imagined and I can’t wait to get more involved with UME!

Better than expected.

Our marriage has been transforming for the past few years. Our Weekend at UME provided us with tools and support to help our continued transformation and we are excited for what is to come for us and opportunities to share with other couples in our area.

I was astonished by how much time, work and thought went into this weekend. I’m amazed how open and honest the volunteer couples were about their own marriage struggles.

Through this Weekend, we were reminded of setting our priorities in order and what is important again in our lives. It’s so easy to go through life on autopilot and be satisfied with a mediocre “go through the motions” kind of marriage, BUT God wants and has so much more for us. He has come to give us life and life to the fullest. This means a full abundant marriage if we receive it. The walls that were broken down during the 90 and 90 were miraculous and only happened because of the prayer and god’s love to us. We are so very grateful. Thank you.

This Weekend changed my ability to be able to communicate. Due to my history/past, I wasn’t able to share my feelings at all with my wife and with the tools I learned this weekend, I was able to share things that the entire marriage I have never shared with my wife. I will be forever thankful for the tools given.

I’m hopeful for a new beginning in our marriage. The willingness of the team couples to share such personal stories was so encouraging. The tools we learned will help us focus on each other and work to improve our marriage.

Blessed to have our good marriage grow into an amazing Godly marriage that we want to witness and share to others. The tools to grow together and in our faith are everything we could ask for.

We have been married 58 years and have seen some things that will change our communications skills. The personal experiences of team leaders were really a blessing. The presentation and from-the-heart conversations were tremendous and inspirational.

Our marriage has been renewed. We feel a love for each other that we haven’t felt in years. We are strengthened, hopeful and thankful after this weekend.

This Weekend truly helped my wife and I to find each other again. I know that our marriage is much stronger because of the tools we gained this Weekend. I would highly encourage any married couple regardless of the number of years they have been married to attend a UME Weekend.

We came to learn that we were married but living single. WE have committed to grow together as one with Christ as one center but also as our guide.

I am really impressed with the weekend I have come to. The people who gave the talks were very good and clear in the stories. I was able to understand what my job is by writing my letters to my wife. I am surprised that by writing these letters, the enemy has no choice but to show his ugly face. Where he did, we found out what was preventing us from moving on in our journey to know each other. I am so glad that I was able to move past the enemy’s power and come closer to my wife. I discovered I can love my wife again. Thank you Jesus!

Great tool for a God-centered marriage during times of trouble.

On point. Practical- provided means to support permanent change.

Very touching- the meaning behind each thing was amazing.

I know love was here and Christ is the center.

My marriage was stormy to say the least, through this encounter, it was like being delivered into safe waters of a part, escaping the stresses of the day-to-day grind. And getting the time for my spouse and I to focus on each other meant everything to us. It put us on a path to healing and we are thankful for that.

This Weekend changed my life. I am now able to communicate now than I ever have before. This is outstanding! I will invite and attend in the future!

What a blessing to learn new tools to deal with conflict in a Godly positive and productive way!

It was a perfect time to recalibrate our love and relationship as we are empty nesters now. Great tools for emotional intimacy and building a greater oneness to enjoy each other in love, life and service to Christ.

I did not know what to expect out of the Weekend. What I am taking home is priceless. My marriage is broken but already showing signs of major improvement. I am optimistic that the future of our marriage will be very joyful and can be the husband that my wife deserves and a father that can show his sons what a Godly marriage looks like.

The United Marriage Encounter Weekend literally saved our marriage. We had been separated for over 2 months and agreed to attend UME as a desperate attempt to salvage what was left of our relationship. We are happy to report that at the end of our weekend, that our marriage has been completely restored and we have renewed closeness that we have never experienced before. Truly a life-changing experience.

I discovered a new facet of my husband, already a gem but now a glistening diamond. We learned feelings are insight into one another’s heart, not judgements of failure or success. We learned that we can share and grow through dialogue. I love him even more and grateful beyond measure to God and His tool of UME.

United Marriage Encounter was not just an eye-opener to us as a couple, but we got real tools and examples that was much needed to enhance our relationship as a husband and wife. We connected like never before & feel that our marriage will have all the joy that God intended for it.

Our encounter weekend not only brought us closer together as a couple, but also learned a great deal about myself on a personal level. I look forward to the new foundation to build upon with my marriage and my life. God is amazing!

Exceptional! This should be required for all married couples.

David and I are very blessed to have attended the UME Weekend. And to get to know some of you.

We have learned heaps and have put into practice too (some of it, anyway) in our daily life. Like what has been shared, marriage is liken to a lighted candle. To keep the flames going, we need to work at it.

We believe we have a great marriage by God’s grace to begin with. What’s been taught, shared and demonstrated by the Team Couples during that Weekend has shown us that it can be better through…

-daily dialogues.
We love it!

Learning to express our feeling with…

-no fault finding
-nor putting blames

…is a very good skill to have for a great marriage.

In fact great skill to have for any relationship.

Still on cloud nine!

Have a blessed marriage all you lovely couples.

Looking forward to see you all again.

“Real life, real talk, real dialogue…”

“Very transparent and so helpful to hear how they dialogued through tough feelings.”

“I was blown away with the whole thing. It was amazing!”

“You know, I truly appreciate God’s heart shining through this entire Weekend.”

“27 years for us – and we’ve learned tool to improve marriage from here on. Praying to avoid distractions and use dialogue.”

Yes… we had such a great time at the UME Weekend!!

It was so wonderfully planned and executed. Simply put, it exceeded our expectations!

We enjoyed every section …Just like going on a mini honeymoon!!

The Weekend never ceases to surprise us. Every day just got better…like how it said: “The best is yet to come”!!

Thank you so much to all the volunteers who prepared the decorations of the rooms and dining room. You all did a fantastic job!

The Team Leader and Team Couples are to be congratulated on sharing their amazing marriage life journey.

We learn so much from you all.

God bless you all and we look forward to see you again at Core.

“They were so transparent – it was amazing!”

“Very open – very personal.”

“So much transparency and trust.”

“The vulnerability and examples were invaluable.”

“It was exactly what I needed!”

“[The Team Couples] were excellent. Really helped us feel more comfortable sharing.”

“This was what we needed and will be using the tools given!”

“Very great sharing and openness!”

“Excited to try this new way to communicate!”

“All the info will be used, and with God’s help it will continue!”

“Great tool to help deepen our marriage!”

“We renewed our vows and recommitted our marriage to God!”

“Thank you so much for the tools to talk with my honey! What a beautiful gift!”

“It’s an incredible way to make a good marriage a FANTASTIC one!”