Making a Difference

UME Is Making A Difference In Marriages

“Around 35 years ago, I was introduced to Marriage Encounter through Ed and Betty Call. After the session, I wrote a little song that was used a bit (I think). Years later, I was contacted to try and make a better copy. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. In fact, I didn’t even recall how it went until today. I was rummaging through some old cassettes, and this song was rediscovered. If nothing else, I hope there are some in the organization who recall the blessings that were Ed and Betty Call.”

Tap the image to hear Bob’s song, “Tenderly, Lovingly, Learning Who You Are”.

“Amazing! Just what we needed! Changed our lives!”

“I’m very hopeful. The tools are practical and do-able. A paradigm shift for me, in the importance of feelings, not just thoughts and things.”

“Hopeful, excited, overwhelmed, exhausted!”

“Thank you guys! For your ministry and for your prayers, for our family. We had an incredible weekend!!! We were blessed with these sessions and materials. It was a time of feelings and tears, it’s my opinion. And we were shocked when we know, how many people pray for this encounter. I feel tired and so happy! During these three days I thought only of my beloved. Thanks you! We love you!” – A testimony from a Weekend Couple from the Ukraine
“Our weekend spent at the retreat was such a blessing for us. We have had a chance to dialogue some but reading through the past letters that we did at the retreat has also been one of our highlights after returning home. Thank you again for offering such a wonderful experience for us to grow closer together as a couple and meet new friends along the way. I’m sure we will be attending another one in the near future.” – Lee & Jennifer
“We went to United Marriage Encounter Celebration event today it was very uplifting and brought us closer together.” – Roger

“I’m very hopeful and feel empowered with this new tool to communicate.”

“God answered prayer in a big way and has kept us from separating.”

“Right on target!”

“Thrilled to have some new tools to help facilitate our communication.”