A UME community event:

fighting the drift in your marriage


about this event

Marriages can drift. Passion can be lost, vision disappear, the decision to love can be forgotten. What are the simple things that cause us to drift? Comfort with each other? Denial that you are drifting? Self-centeredness, what about me? Busyness? Pride, trophy children? Unforgiveness? It could be any of these. Satan loves to use them all.

This Community Event has been developed to help you be sure you are not drifting and to give you some ideas on how to bring your relationship back together.

topics covered

Spiritual Drifting – Learn to identify signs of spiritual drifting and how to redirect to the spiritual center of marriage; a strong, close marriage and relationship with God.

Communication Drifting – Poor communication is often a result of unmet (usually unspoken or unrealized) expectations. Learn to identify and properly communicate these expectations to prevent communication drifting.

Romantic Drifting– Learn to spot the signs and feelings of distance in the romance aspect of marriage and ideas of how to improve on the romance side of marriage.



when marriage gets better, everybody wins!