Why Donate to United Marriage Encounter?

Why Provide Weekends

Any good investor ponders the question of what they are investing in. So, “Why United MarriageEncounter?” There are hungry children, forsaken orphans, dynamic radio stations, and a multitude of worthy causes calling for your hard-earned dollars, each one helping God’s peopleand fulfilling the great commission. However, UME believes everybody wins when a marriage gets better. A couple with a strong marriage who is serving each other and serving God is a powerful tool for the kingdom. We believe our ministry can start that transformation and if successful, we will be investing in all these great causes listed above. The concepts taught onour weekends fulfill Matthew 28:19, the command to “Go make disciples” and allow UME tofulfill its mission.

We really do believe the Church needs strong Christian Marriages and strong Christian families to fight the decline of the sanctity of marriage in our society. We need your help. We need to reach as many couples as possible, who have good marriages, to become couples who havegreat marriages, for the sake of marriage as God intended. If couples aren’t encouraged toenrich and improve their marriages, even a good marriage can suffer. Good is the enemy of best.

Here are a dozen reasons for investing in couples through United Marriage Encounter:

1. To help support UME’s Statement of Faith as UME teaches couples God’s plan for Unity in marriage found in Genesis 2:24

2. It is a sound investment – UME is a member in good standing with the Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability (ECFA).

3. UME has been accepted by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management for inclusion in the fall 2016 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as a member of Amercia’s Most Cost-Effective Charities federation.

4. 100% of your dollars go to help marriages – not to administrative costs.

5. “Everybody wins when a marriage gets better” – families, churches and communities.

6. UME has a proven track record of helping marriages for over 40 years.

7. UME provides couples with lifelong tools to help bridge the communication gap – a barrier to great marriages.

8. UME not only teaches these tools, but gives couples – in the privacy of their own rooms – an entire Weekend to unplug from the world and practice what they are being taught.

9. UME is one of the only Marriage Weekends that provides a continuous support system for couples to maintain the concepts learned, after their Weekend is over.

10. Couples can attend a UME Weekend regardless of their ability to pay.

11. Through UME you will be particiapting financially in The Great commission – to make disciples of all nations.

12. Supporting UME is as easy as 1-2-3.

1) Go to www.unitedmarriage.org/donate

2) Choose where you want your donation to go.

3) Complete the giving form with your financial information.