Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Transforming, edifying and nurturing one-man, one-woman marriages leading to stronger Christ-centered marriages, families and a community of caring couples.

Our Mission

In response to our call, we offer our Weekend experience and a community of caring couples who are committed to having a stake in other marriages. We will create an environment that can help transform marriages around the world. By following our mission and proclaiming God’s plan for marriage we believe we CAN influence the world for Christ.

Our Core Values

  • We are a Christ-centered ministry. We will honor our Statement of Faith.
  • We believe God’s plan for marriage is one man, one woman, seeking oneness and serving God and others with grace. We will stay focused on our specific call.
  • We believe our Weekend experience is God’s call for our ministry and can start a transformation in a marriage. We will offer Christ’s love through our Weekend experience.
  • We believe married couples deserve an entire Weekend away from everyday activities. We will create an environment for couples to focus on their relationship with their spouse and with God.
  • We believe the concepts learned on a Marriage Encounter Weekend are ongoing tools to keep a marriage strong and lasting and can lead to stronger Christian families and stronger Christian communities. We will strive to help couples live out God’s plan for marriage.
  • We believe couples deserve to experience our Weekend regardless of their ability to pay. We will fund our Weekend expenses by encouraging couples to “Pay Forward”, encouraging members to support the ministry annually, and seeking other generous donors.
  • We believe to make the transformation we must have an ongoing stake in the Weekend couples’ marriages. We will support our UME Communities by upholding them in prayer along with encouraging active involvement in CORE while providing enriching activities and marriage resources.
  • We believe God expects responsible stewardship of our financial and human resources. We will maintain responsible budgets, invest in our volunteers, and conduct our Weekends economically without compromising excellence.